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My journey from the couch to running wherever my feet will take me!

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Guess Who’s Baaack!!!

So yes, I took a little running hiatus… be honest, I got bored running the same routes, by myself, every single day. Then I started getting headaches after every single run. Not immediately after, but a few hours later. Terrible headaches. I really wasn’t looking forward to running and then feeling terrible later. That totally ruined it for me.  I have run at least once a month here and there, testing the waters to see if I could run headache free. But no. Then I realized I can’t be the ONLY person in the world who runs, then gets a headache. So I did some research, and there was one common element…..

S-T-R-E-TC-H…before AND after your run. DUH!!! I wasn’t doing either one….just getting out there running and plopping back on the couch.  Also I noticed I have let myself get out of shape. Things happen when you turn 40, and you don’t bounce back from it quite as quickly as you once did. There once was a time when cutting out cokes would drop me 5lbs in a flash.  But it’s not that easy anymore….at least not for me 🙂 So I decided to try running again…this time stretching and rolling properly…and guess what! NO HEADACHES!!!! NONE! I can’t tell you how happy happy happy this makes me!

Since my very first 5K was in May, 3 years ago…I think it’s fitting that I run it again this year to symbolize renewal of strength and determination.



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No Fun Equals No Run

If you’ve peeked at my mileage for the past few months, you’ve seen I’ve drastically reduced the number of miles put in. Needless to say that “1,000 miles for the year” goal is shot to heck.  The time change really really screwed me up. And somewhere along the way I lost my mojo…and thought I had it back…but didn’t.  Let me tell you…it does NOT take long to lose all the conditioning you’ve put your body through! A three-mile run used to be completely effortless. Even four and five miles were easy breezy.  Now it is an effort to run three. My breathing is out of whack and my body just isn’t used to running. Which makes me sad.  I realized over the past month that I’ve been a little more irritable and little things stress me out more than they used to.  I couldn’t pinpoint WHY…until I decided to go for a run. Then I heard it…the proverbial angels singing “Ahhhh”. And I had my answer. Running. I hadn’t been doing it. I forgot the sense of accomplishment, self awareness and stress release that accompanied my runs.  I didn’t realize the REAL impact running has had on me. It makes me happIER. I like that. My family likes that. So I’m determined to get back to my “conditioned” self and run those miles like a creepy clown was chasing me! And I’m not going to set unrealistic goals and get mad or discouraged when/if I don’t reach them. Unrealistic goals took the fun out of running in the first place. I was too hard on myself. I now will do what I can, when I can and enjoy the time I’m doing it…..well, I might not enjoy it all during the run, but I know I will when I’m done!

I DID get 3.1 miles in for National Running Day! Did you get to run?

‘Til the next time my Tall Tail Runs………..