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We Tasted the Rainbow!


What a fantabulously awesome fun time we had this weekend! There was a Color Up 5K that me, my hubby and son, our besties and a group of some really cool girls got together and ran! If you haven’t heard of a “Color Run”, well let me tell ya….it’s a blast! It’s a race where you start clean, and end up a rainbow of colors! All natural, safe cornstarch-like powder of different colors are tossed on you throughout the race. At specific locations in the route, a designated Color Zone emerges: yellow, purple, pink, green, or blue. As the runners/walkers reach the Color Zones, they are blitzed with color! And it’s so hard not to laugh and holler as you’re going through each zone…which means you get it up your nose and in your mouth haha!  But boy was it a blast!

The biggest surprise of all came when they let our wave go, and my husband blasted out in front of us all….dashing UPHILL!!! And I tell ya, I couldn’t catch him!!! And I’M the runner of the house!! 😀  I didn’t plan on running it, as most of our group preferred to walk. But there’s just something about being outside that just pulls at my feet to get to steppin’! About 1/4 mile in I just couldn’t stand it anymore and starting running. As I went along, I realized that even tho my feet were aching to RUN, I wanted to experience this WITH my boys! So I waited at mile 1….for what seemed like FOREVER! In fact, I thought I must have missed them and started panicking…then out of the sea of look alikes, I see one friend, then another, and then my boys!! I proceeded to go through two more color zones with them, and then a friend of mine decided she wanted to start running too. So we went ahead and ran most of the rest of the way. We were especially thankful to the sweet little lady who was out watering her flowers, who doused us with water as we went by! Sure did feel great, because it was HOT HOT HOT, and there was only one water station along the route!

Anyhoo, we finished our run, grabbed a bottle of water, and waited at the finish line for the rest of our peeps….and lo and behold, but what to my wandering eyes does appear, but my amazing husband sprinting past everyone to the finish line! I didn’t even get a chance to get a picture because for one thing, I was surprised he was so close behind us, and secondly, I never imagined he would be running at then end! I was SUPER DUPER proud of him! I was also so very proud of our kiddo, who wanted to run, but didn’t want to leave daddy or anyone else behind! What a trooper!! We were covered in color from head to toe, and it took several showers to completely get rid of all of it. My sweetie was plagued with a “green neck” for the next day!

I was so happy to get my family involved in this! We got out, exercised and had fun all at the same time! So thankful my boys like hanging out with this stinky old girl, lol!

Oh yeah….and there was COTTON CANDY at the end of the race!! SCORE!!!!

‘Til the next time my Tall Tail Runs…….



Author: RunningTallTails

I'm a runner! Started running in April 2013, took a break and am back at it again! Married for 20 years to my high school sweetheart, and mom to an amazing 16 year old boy! Running has brought me closer to God, and my mental focus grows stronger by the day. With each run I learn something new about myself.

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